Top Events For All The Family This Halloween

Posted on September 25, 2015

With the growing variety of Halloween activities available throughout the country, camping gives you the opportunity to experience them all. Whether you are jumping from place to place to get your fill of the scariest events, or are settling in one place for a relaxed weekend of trickery; we have compiled a list of the must-see events so you can make the most of All Hallows Eve.

Hellgate Winter Gardens

graveyard pic

If you missed out on this sell-out attraction last year, fear not (at least, not yet). The Zombie Apocalypse event returns this year and is bigger and scarier than ever! From visiting the Trick or Treat Theatre, to getting involved in the more active Laser Zombie Run Zone: there is a ghoulish treat for everybody. Early bird tickets are on sale right now, so run – do not walk!

Place: Margate
Date: 27-31st October
Price: £5-22.50
Nearby Campsite: Two Chimneys Holiday Park
Age: 12+
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For the ultimate of shocks, FearFest has to be your best bet. With live actors and special effects, this 60 minute experience will leave you quivering and jumping at even the slightest noise. With the event making its debut appearance, who knows what will be in store for you when you sign up? What we can tell you, is that participants will be given the opportunity to experience the death-wire. What that is exactly, we will leave to your imagination.

Place: Tidenham
Date: 16-30th October
Price: Starting price of £24
Closest Campsite: Wooden Wigwams
Age: 16+
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Little Church of Horrors

If the kids have alternate plans, why not get yourself down to the Little Church of Horrors and experience a burlesque show with a scary spin? You can enjoy six staggering acts ranging from Scarlett Daggers, straight through to Carmen Mon Oxide. We wouldn’t sit too close if we were you, who knows what horrors they have in store for their next victim!

Place: Chester
Date: 29th October
Price: £15
Closest Campsite: Fir Trees Caravan Park
Age: 18+
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Pumpkin Carving Day

Pumpkin pic

If being scared really isn’t your thing but you still want to get involved, why not spend the day carving your own pumpkin? Create your own ghostly ghoul and position it outside your house to really set the Halloween atmosphere. Get the kids involved by having their faces painted as Casper the ghost in preparation for the night’s Halloween festivities.

Place: Croome
Date: 30th October
Price: £2 plus regular admission price
Closest Campsite: Hopyard Farm
Age: All ages.
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A Midsummer Night’s Dream


This event is great for all the family. Immerse your children in the beautiful mind of William Shakespeare on one of the most mystical nights of the year. You can enjoy a magical rendition of A Midsummer Night’s Dream taking place in the beautiful woods, or go on a witch hunt to solve the puzzle and win a prize!

Place: Coleford
Date: A Midsummer Night’s Dream: 28th September-4th October. Halloween Witch Hunt: 26 October-1st November
Price: A Midsummer Night’s Dream: £12-15.
Closest Campsite: Rushmere Farm Camping
Age: All ages.
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Whatever you decide to do this Halloween, camping can make the whole experience much more memorable; so pack the marshmallows and head on down to the nearest campsite to your chosen event.

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